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Bespoke graphic design & illustration services.

One of my jobs is to create original illustrations, drawings that can be used for vinyl cutting or printing & publishing.

My drawings are produced as vector illustrations, or EPS files, so they are perfect for printing. A vector drawing can be enlarged infinitely, which makes it ideal for any type of print purpose.

Most of my illustrations are used as tattoo stencils, but I also create drawings for various publishing projects, where a cartoon style character is required. I try to use simplistic, geometric shapes – combining shapes to capture the subjects characteristics.


    Glitter Body Art

    New-DrawingsGlitter Body Art manufacture tattoo stencils, face painting stencils & accessories. I have worked with them for a number of years, creating the designs for their stencils – while also developing & managing their e-commerce website & all marketing material.

    Every week I am asked to produce a number of illustrations, either to promote an upcoming event or from a customers request. So I spend my time drawing animals, fairies, princesses, robots, butterflies, super heroes… the list is endless! Most drawings are intended to be cartoon-like, but I also create more detailed Henna style tattoos.

    Each of their stencil designs is created using Adobe Illustrator, producing an EPS / Vector file which is then cut out of vinyl material. The illustrations need to be quite small & chunky, to optimise production time. See some examples

Supplying artwork in most popular formats – AI, EPS, PDF – or whatever format is required. Vector graphics are commonly used in signage or vinyl cutting, or logo design, or large format printing.

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Some illustration examples…


A school in South Wales wanted to fit out an entire room with large format infographic wall panels, to educate the pupils about recycling. There were four colour coded zones, each explaining environmental issues.

The zone featured here is the Orange Zone, which describes the Mid-Pacific Garbage Patch, Thilafushi Rubbish Island & Climate Change. … READ MORE ►

The latest in the series of label designs for a local brewery, Drifters Storm by Two Drifters Brewery.

Continuing with the seascape theme, with the two drifters against a horizon, obviously this one needed to be a stormy scene. The background illustration was created with choppy waves in the foreground, a gradient sky, big rolling clouds & a bol … READ MORE ►

Colourful design for the Drifters series of beer labels. This one was called Drifters Rainbow – and the owners asked for the label to be extremely colourful, obviously using the colours of the rainbow. But it also had to follow the brand theme (a seascape scene with yachts).

I first tried to include an actual rainbow in the background – but foun … READ MORE ►

One of my jobs is to create illustrations for a glitter tattoo stencil company… who also manufacture face painting stencils. Here are a few little graphic designs, used as product images on their e-commerce website, or for use on social media.

The stencils themselves are produced by – firstly, drawing the design as a vector / EPS illustration, … READ MORE ►

Two Drifters Brewery required a series of label designs for their range of ales & beers. This is the first one: Drifters Gold.

I had to do a bit of research for this job… sampling lots of beers! Or just looking at the various Gold beers & ales in the supermarket to get a feel for the design elements.

The main logo is very similar to their o … READ MORE ►

A few more of my illustrations, set in colourful scenes. My drawings are created for small tattoo stencils, so need to be very simple. They also need to consist of as few separate shapes as possible, with no sharp corners, to improve the vinyl cutting production process.

Most of my drawings start out as simple geometric shapes, which I find give … READ MORE ►

Series of illustrations for the Rugby season! My drawings were turned into face painting stencils… cut out of flexible plastic sheets by a laser machine.

The illustrations needed to be quite chunky, to allow ample space between voids… to give the stencil strength. … READ MORE ►

Logo Design for Suki Fit – a personal trainer & fitness coach. The requirements were to create a bold, simple logo design, including an illustrated body builder.

The body was drawn as a vector illustration, using simple lines to convey the body shape. I needed to make the body shape look good in small & large format – while still conveying a bod … READ MORE ►

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