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Creative & professional logo design. No limit to logo design amendments & no templates… because an original logo design will separate you from the rest.

Logo design can be very simple – select the right typeface, use your business colours… you have a logo! Some of the best logo designs are the simple ones. On the other hand, some logos need to be a bit more decorative or detailed. Most people have a good idea of what their logo should look like, all I need is a design brief & I can get back to you with some ideas & costs.

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Vector Illustration & Scalable Graphics

If you need to print your logo on a large scale, or use your logo design on clothing, for example, you will need your logo produced as vector artwork. The advantages of a vector illustration are that, no matter how much you zoom in, the quality will be 100% crisp. Rather like analogue vs digital.
Vector IllustrationPontarddulais Rugby Club needed their club crest to be reproduced so they could print a large scale banner & use the logo for printing on shirts. They supplied me with a PDF of their current logo which, when you zoom in, was fairly low quality & pixelated. They asked me to reproduce the logo, as accurately as possible, so they could use the logo for any means.

To the right you can see the results – the original logo (left) was compromised in quality when enlarged, the vector illustration (right) resolved all the pixelation issues.



Brand Development

Your logo is often the first thing a customer will see. It should reflect your business style, it should be crisp & professional, it should work in print & web use – it should also work in small & large format.

Most logo designs take their style & feel from the business name & business type – most clients have a clear vision of what their logo should look like. This is why I don’t charge astronomical prices for logo design – as they are often an obvious conclusion.

Logos are designed with all forms of print & digital media taken into consideration – from spot colour printing to vinyl printing, web RGB to printed CMYK, large format printing to business stationery.



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