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CMS (Content Management Systems) web design, development & maintenance

Custom styling of content management software, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

If you need total control over your content – with the ability to easily log-in & change text, add images in your own time, without needing any technical knowledge – you need a dynamic, CMS system. By far the most popular & user friendly CMS system is WordPress – but Drupal & Joomla do pretty much the same thing.

Whether you want a simple business web design, an interactive blog or a large social media / news hub – a CMS web design will allow you to easily control your content & share your content on social media. The front-end design can be changed by simply updating a theme. There are thousands of free themes to choose from, but it is recommended to create a custom theme to give your web design a touch of individuality – also this protects you from any updates made to the theme which may affect your website in the future.

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Dynamic / CMS Web Design Case Studies…


Sterling Investigations are a new company based in London, who required a professional looking website that was clean, simple & modern – and also responsive / mobile friendly.

The main purpose of the website was obviously to advertise their services, meaning SEO was also a top priority. Because they want to offer their services nationwide, no Ci … READ MORE ►

Simple WordPress web design for a clinic based in Oxford. The website was provided as part of the marketing package, after the clinic purchased a laser hair removal machine. The website will hopefully help to promote their new range of treatments.

The web design itself uses a standard WordPress theme, customising it with the clinic’s green colou … READ MORE ►

Simple responsive web design for a London Skin Clinic. The web design was created as a secondary website for West London Dermatology Centre, to promote certain treatments that are otherwise banned when using PPC advertising. The main intention was to target these treatments, in a specific location, using concise SEO techniques.

The web design it … READ MORE ►

Skinny Lift is a new product from Cosmeditech, which required a dedicated website for promotion. The website is very simple, with all product information on the home page, and a simple Contact Us page.

The web design features a full screen opening slideshow, which should remain full screen regardless of the size of the visitors screen or device. … READ MORE ►

This website was created to give Xero Lipo clients advice, recipe ideas, instant advice & the functionality to record their weekly diet plans.

It was initially intended to be an ‘invite only’ website, but it was made more accessible to get more involvement & participation.

The web design itself is mobile friendly, using WordPress – so people … READ MORE ►

Simple WordPress web design for a Wedding RSVP. The couple first tried building a website using a DIY website builder – but could not get the perfect style & functionality they were looking for. The DIY website they built was also very buggy & unpredictable.

They decided to get a professional web designer to sort it out for them, to ensure the s … READ MORE ►

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