Creating a Brand Identity

One of my recent projects was to produce a complete identity for an ambitious laser-tech company. The project involved creating two brands – a corporate brand & a more vibrant brand for their main product line.

Many logo design projects can be pretty straight forward & often completed within a few days. But creating a brand involves a lot more work… ensuring a consistent identity across all media – web design, social media, product branding, software User Interface, exhibition graphics, business stationery, print advertising & online marketing imagery.


The corporate brand

Cosmeditech is the umbrella company for a number of technology & cosmetic brands. The corporate brand needed to be clean, simple & convey the technical industry. This brand was applied to all staff email signatures, business stationery, websites & exhibition display graphics.



The product line brand

Xero, the main product line of Cosmeditech, is a range of laser devices aimed at the cosmetic industry. This brand needed to be more vibrant & bold – using a contrasting colour scheme to the corporate brand.


Creating literature & websites


The first task, after designing the logos, was to create a number of brochures, product sheets & websites. Above you will see the consumer brochure for Xero Lipo. This focused on the customer & why Xero can benefit a clinic. It doesn’t get too technical. There is also a more technical brochure, for clinics to find out the details, along with leaflets / product sheets with detailed technical information about the products.

Below is the Xero web design, which ties in with the consumer brochure.



Exhibitions & events

The Xero product was launched at a number of exhibitions in Europe. The exhibition displays were split into two sections – the Cosmeditech, corporate side & the Xero product side. Below you can see the exhibition graphics at a London exhibition.



Products & supplements

The Xero Lipo product is accompanied by a number of supplements & promotional products – designed to help clients sell the idea by providing a whole programme / marketing strategy for them. The supplement packaging had to be designed & produced – along with information leaflets (below).


Email marketing & social media

To launch Xero Lipo, several email campaigns were set up to raise awareness. Some campaigns were designed to be friendly & educational – going for a soft approach. Other emails were designed to push a sales message or promotion.

Email campaigns ran alongside social media & website landing pages, to provide a location where clients could read more, & hopefull make an enquiry.



Software User Interface (UI) Design

The Xero Lipo device required a UI (User Interface) design for the touch-screen software. The software was designed using both Cosmeditech colours & Xero colours – as the software will be used for various other product lines & needed to accommodate future additions.


Social Media Graphics

To raise awareness of the Xero products, several graphics were produced for use on social media platforms – creating web-optimized images, which are suitable for mobile viewing.

Below you will see 4 social media graphic designs which promote & explain the Xero treatment process. These designs were intended to be used by a Xero client – using their logo & contact details to help them launch & promte their new service.

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