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Digital marketing for a London food company

My Detox Diet sell healthy food plans via their e-commere website, and also attend various local food markets in Greenwich, London. After building their website, they then asked us to help with their digital marketing, PPC advertising & SEO.

See the My Detox Diet Blog

We started by focusing on their blog, adding well-written, topical posts that could be relevant & interesting to their customers, giving people actual advice & useful information. We sourced nice photos for each blog post, then shared the posts on social media.

We find that if you give people something interesting to read on Facebook / Twitter, they are more likely to click on it, which will take them to the blog on their website. We then add subtle links within the blog posts, directing people to relevant products.

Creating consistent campaigns

We also manage their email marketing campaigns, so we try to treat each blog post as the basis of a campaign. Making each social media post reflect the topic of the week, so their followers & subscribers will get the same message from a few different angles… so they are less likely to miss it!

SEO improvements

Creating a nice blog will always be beneficial for any website. If you can cover a range of relevant topics concerning your services or products, you will keep adding text strings to your website… sentences that will consist of words associated with your products. This gives you greater chance of hitting the random string of words that someone may type into Google, hence improving your chances of being found. And we all know that search engines like to see original, useful information on a website.

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