Escort Agency Logo & Web Design

Quite an unusual logo & web design project for an escort agency based in South Wales. The main brief was to create a warm and professional feel for the website, to avoid looking like one of the usual more seedy looking websites within the same industry.



The Web Design

The initial website just required a few pages to start recruiting staff members. So it was kept very simple and clear. The client wanted to use a kind of olive green theme, but with a earthy purple accent, to provide a bit of contrast. Finding the perfect shades of green and pale green was the main goal. To provide an extra level of interest, I created the floral pattern overlay that runs throughout the website. There will be additional work to be done on the website at a later date, to provide a profile system for the staff members and a booking system.

Marketing an adult website

It is the first website I have worked on with an adult theme, which makes it a little more tricky to market. As platforms like Google Maps or Facebook do not allow websites with an adult theme. So it is an interesting project, to see how successful it eventually becomes, and where the traffic comes from.


The Logo Design

They provided me with a few sketches and ideas for the logo design, which was a wine glass with a flame inside, using script / calligraphy writing. We initially tried an animated GIF file, to make the flame flicker from red to blue, but found this was not great when using a coloured background. So we decided to stick to the static logo.


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