Health & Beauty Spa Web Design

Wellbeing Health & Beauty required a modernisation of their web design, mainly to improve user experience & SEO. Their old website was using a very old version of WordPress, with an outdated version of PHP & no security.

We updated the theme & all plug-ins, only using necessary plug-ins to improve page speed. Our new theme is fully responsive & has simple navigation, so it is always easy for a customer to make an enquiry.

We created imagery & buttons to fit in with the new web design style, and also added text sections to the home page, to target the main keywords for the business. We estimate that it will take 4 to 6 weeks for the website changes to be picked up by Google, and expect a big move up the rankings.

The owner asked for a lavender colour scheme, so we made that the basis of the overall style. But kept the main navigation buttons & links a dark grey scheme, which always goes with any colour scheme, and creates a more professional look.

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