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Creative & professional logo design, branding & identity development at affordable prices. I create logos with the big picture in mind, producing a design which can be used for all purposes – small or large format – digital or print.





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Label & Packaging Design

I also create labelling & packaging for various products, from cosmetics to beer labels. I ensure that my branding & logos will be suitable for all possible uses & printing processes, along with digital use.





Animated Logo Creation

On occasions I am asked to create an animated logo design to convey a bit of motion on a website, supplied as an Animated GIFF which work on all browsers. See an example below…




Branding Projects



SmartXEL Logo & Brochure Design

SmartXEL is a skin rejuvenation machine that uses CO2 gas combined with IPL laser treatments. They needed a brochure & logo design to promote the machine and it’s variety of treatments. A full range of marketing material will be launched to coincide...

Smart Lettings Logo & Web Design

New business logo & web design for a local letting solutions service provider. They approached me to design their logo and website, initially with a few ideas of the styling and website layout. We worked together to create a nice, clean, modern logo...

Iberia Rustica Logo & Web Design

Iberia Rustica is a new venture that provides an advertising platform for properties & products throughout Spain & Portugal. This made it necessary to create a multilingual web design, which threw up a few challenges. At the time of writing this...

Shipmax Logo & Web Design

SHIPMAX is a new shipping & delivery management company who required a modernisation of their logo design. They already had the general idea & design concept, but were struggling to get the design perfect, so they came to me. The design is quite...

Medi Dx Logo & Web Design

Medi Dx Supply is a new medical / clinical company that provide blood diagnostic supplies, specialising in blood glucose monitoring systems. They required a professional logo design, branding project and e-commerce web design to launch their online business...

Render Surgeon Logo & Web Design

Render Surgeon is a new branch of a successful rendering company in South Wales. They required a dedicated website to target rendering repair jobs nationwide, they also asked for a clean, professional logo design that would be suitable for the web design and...

AGREE Charity Logo & Web Design

AGREE is a new charity that stands for Acknowledge Girls Right to End Exploitation. They asked me to create a logo design that is suitable for digital & print uses, alongside a simple, clean website to help them launch the charity. VISIT...

Flux Aesthetics Web Design

Flux Aesthetics are a new cosmetics technology company that provide a range of products. They required a complete branding & web design project, including an e-commerce system to sell physical & digital products. VISIT FLUXAESTHETICS.CO.UK They...

Boxing Academy Logo Design

A local group was created in Swansea, South Wales to provide sporting activities for children in the area, starting with a boxing academy. They approached us with a specific idea about the design, providing us with a painted image of a wolf’s face that...

Botanical Gardens Logo Design

Friends of Swansea Botanical Gardens have been around for nearly 30 years, but recently refined their name and needed a modernisation of their logo design. They wanted to keep the traditional style, along with the poppy illustration as the central design...

SkinLogix Logo Design

SkinLogix were in the process of setting up a clinic in London. They already had a logo design but were not completely happy with it. They initially asked us to tidy up their existing logo, but asked for a couple of other logo design ideas. We suggested...

Wildside Scents Logo Design

This was quite a complex logo design project for a Swansea based company, which involved a number of processes & techniques to achieve what the client visualised. We were supplied with a few pencil sketches & some examples of paintings to convey the...



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Creating a Professional Logo

When it comes to designing a logo, there are no definitive rules, but there are a few things that you need to think about when creating an effective logo. In most cases, the main goal is to design a logo that is instantly recognisable & easily seen from a distance, or in small format.

If the logo were to be used on small products, a cosmetics bottle for example, the logo will be extremely small and should be visible from a distance, so a narrow or circular logo would be more suitable. If the logo were just to be used on marketing & a website, it may be more effective to create a rectangular, horizontal logo that fits nicely at the top of a website, but still narrow enough to be seen clearly on a mobile phone.

The size and proportions of a logo are also important when it is used for social media, for an Instagram profile photo for example. I often create an icon to accompany a logo for these cases, taking a specific element and colours from the logo to ensure it is recognised.

Colours can cause issues when printing, as you can usually only use CMYK colours, which have limitations. When you see a very vibrant, luminous green or yellow on a computer screen (RGB colour) this is just not achievable using CMYK inks. So it’s often the best bet to choose colours that are compatible with both digital & printing usage.

I regularly see clients that have very elaborate logos, using various textures and shadows. I try to avoid this and point my clients towards clean, flat colours, so I can use Vector graphics which are scalable in size infinitely. If the logo were to be used in very large format or vinyl cutting in the future, this would become important, as a flattened image would either lose quality – or become very large in file size.

So, ideally a logo should be fully compatible for all possible uses, for digital and print marketing. This is why the most simple logos are often the most practical and effective.



How we work

The Design Process

On receiving a design brief, I will supply a page of logo ideas – usually between 6 to 12 design ideas, then I work with the customer & work on the preferred design idea. I basically work on the logo until the customer is completely satisfied.

Many logo design projects are a logical conclusion… and often each customer has a very good idea of what they want. Other projects take a bit more time, if the customer is open to ideas.

The Finished Product

When the customer is 100% happy with their logo, I will supply the logo in several formats & sizes, for digital & printing use – or for any other custom requirements.

I will supply digital files that can be used on websites & social media. I will provide PDF or EPS / Vector files that can be used for any print item. I can provide any file types or sizes requested.



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