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Creating a logo can be very simple – select the right typeface, use your business colours… you have a logo! Some of the best logos are the simple ones. On the other hand, some logos need to be a bit more decorative or detailed.

Most people have a good idea of what their logo should look like, all I need is a design brief & I can get back to you with some ideas & costs.

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The design process


    The first stage of a logo design is to find out what the customer wants, and the cost of the logo design will depend upon the complexity of the design. Also the intended use will sometimes determine the design, for example, if the logo is intended to be printed onto clothing – like a badge, it is better to have a less elaborate logo.

    Some clients want a very simple logo, just their business name in a tasteful font, using their business colours. Some clients require a more detailed logo – with a custom illustrated icon or shape which conveys their industry. Other clients require a very detailed, elaborate logo.

    The complexity of the design will obviously determine the time it takes, so the cost of each project must be estimated at the start.


    After establishing what the client wants from their logo, I will provide a page of design ideas, usually between 8 to 12 design ideas. The client can then pick & choose elements from each design idea, I then whittle the favourite ideas down to the best one, amending the design until the client is completely satisfied.

    When the design is complete, I will supply the logo in several formats & sizes for printing & digital / web use. If the client has any specific requirements, I can supply the logo in any format or size as requested.


    After most logo design projects, I supply the client with various images & files which they can use in the real world. For example, most clients require graphics for a Facebook page, or other social media profiles – to use as their profile picture or cover image.

    I will supply the logo in small JPG or PNG formats, for use on websites or email signatures. I will also supply a print-ready PDF or EPS which can be used for any printing process.


    Most clients who need a logo are starting a new venture, and often need a set of business stationery items, a website or a brochure / leaflet to promote themselves.

    Business stationery is getting less necessary these days, as most business communication is digital – when was the last time someone sent you a printed invoice or letter? But I am happy to provide letterheads, compliment slips or business cards for free (PDF files).

    Print Design

    For any printed material, such as flyers, brochures, posters or leaflets, I can supply print-ready PDF files which you can keep & take to any printing company. For print design I charge an hourly rate, but I work very quickly & efficiently.

    More about print design

    Web Design

    I also design & build websites. For a start-up venture, many clients just need a simple, one-page website, just to get their business out there. Some clients would like a more comprehensive website, which they can manage themselves & has scope for growth.

    Often clients will need help setting up a website – how to choose a domain, or how to choose a good hosting company. I can help to explain the jargon & find the most cost effective solution.

    More about web design

    Branding & Packaging

    If you are launching a product, you may need artwork for packaging or labels. I have worked on a number of product launches, providing print-ready artwork for sticky labels or pre-folded containers.

    Packaging design examples

    Point of Sale & Large Format

    Many clients require posters, banners or large format graphics for an exhibition. I have produced large format graphics for numerous companies, for exhibition displays, posters or pop-up banners.

    Large format examples


Vector Illustration & Scalable Graphics


    If you need to print your logo on a large scale, or use your logo design on clothing, for example, you will need your logo produced as vector artwork. The advantages of a vector illustration are that, no matter how much you zoom in, the quality will be 100% crisp. Rather like analogue vs digital.

    Pontarddulais Rugby Club needed their club crest to be reproduced so they could print a large scale banner & use the logo for printing on shirts. They supplied me with a PDF of their current logo which, when you zoom in, was fairly low quality & pixelated. They asked me to reproduce the logo, as accurately as possible, so they could use the logo for any means.

    Below you can see the results – the original logo (left) was compromised in quality when enlarged, the vector illustration (right) resolved all the pixelation issues.

    Vector Illustration


    Your logo is often the first thing a customer will see. It should reflect your business style, it should be crisp & professional, it should work in print & web use – it should also work in small & large format.

    Most logo designs take their style & feel from the business name & business type – most clients have a clear vision of what their logo should look like. This is why I don’t charge astronomical prices for logo design – as they are often an obvious conclusion.

    Logos are designed with all forms of print & digital media taken into consideration – from spot colour printing to vinyl printing, web RGB to printed CMYK, large format printing to business stationery.

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