i-Lipo Mobile Email Design


Mobile friendly / responsive email design for i-Lipo. I built the email from scratch using Dreamweaver – using HTML & some in-line CSS, preparing images beforehand in Photoshop.

After a lot of testing, I have found that you can use CSS max-width properties in emails – which would not have been recommended a few years ago. With the advances in email software, and the fact that nearly everybody has a modern phone with a fairly new browser, emails are being seen as intended, in most cases.

More & more people are viewing emails using a mobile phone, so emails need to be responsive. I try to design my emails with this in mind, using a single column & graphics that shrink proportionately. Using HTML buttons instead of images is a must, as a lot of people will not download images when looking at an email, to save on bandwidth, so you are at least giving them something visually engaging.


November 6, 2015

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