MBA Clinics Advert Design


An aesthetics clinic required an advert design for a national magazine. They had already produced a mock-up design that was split into two halves… top & bottom. They asked me to set up a print quality advert, using the mock-up design as a basis, while making the design look clean, professional & consistent, so it looked like one complete advert – rather than two halves.

To do this, I used a consistent font – used in the logo – and made each section full-bleed, so the design does not look like two separate sections. The rest is just fine-tuning the layout of information… making best use of the space & ensuring that all text is readable & noticeable.

As with most marketing / advertising briefs… it’s a fine balance between using too much information or not. I just do what the customer wants & try to fit in the information in the most aesthetically pleasing way.


March 2, 2018

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