Primelase Social Media Video

Cocoon Medical UK required a short, punchy marketing video / slideshow to be used on all social media accounts, to promote Primelase HR. The video is mainly aimed at the beauty industry & can also be used by current customers who provide Primelase HR Laser treatments.




Video production

The video is basically made up of a number of slides / static images that are faded into each other. This keeps the file size as low as possible, but still achieves the goal of capturing attention. We produced the video as a square (1080 x 1080px), so it would fit well on all social media platforms.

The video above has been restricted to 480px wide, to mimic how it would bee seen on social media platforms. The reduction in the physical size increases the actual resolution, making it look sharper.

Video objectives

The video was initially created for a Facebook advertising campaign, to promote the actual machine, but can also be used as a consumer advert – so it covers both B2B and B2C. The messages in the actual video are promoting both the treatments and the technology.

The messages are kept very short and sweet, so they are readable in the 3 or 4 seconds that each frame lasts. They are also sized to be easily readable on a mobile phone, for Apps like Instagram.

Social Media videos are becoming more popular all the time, and can really grab people’s attention. As this was more of a slideshow, we had to fade the logos in immediately when the video starts, to create some actual motion in the first 1 or 2 seconds. This is important for platforms like Facebook, as you only have a very short space of time to catch someone’s eye as they are scrolling down their feed.

This kind of short slideshow / video can be more effective than a full motion video, as the file size can be kept very low, allowing you to retain higher resolution on the images, creating crisper, sharper graphics.

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