Shipmax Logo & Web Design

SHIPMAX is a new shipping & delivery management company who required a modernisation of their logo design. They already had the general idea & design concept, but were struggling to get the design perfect, so they came to me. The design is quite simple, but needed to be drawn in a way that looked crisp and balanced. They chose the clean & classic Helvetica font, so it tied in with the website text.


Illustrated / Animated Logo

They were mainly struggling to get the circular icon right, with a simple box surrounded by the circular arrow. And it was not only created as a static logo, they required an animated GIFF to place on their website, where the arrow & other elements appear in a sequence. See below…


By simply revealing each element, animating the arrow to be revealed in a circular motion, created a nice effect. The animated logo will just be used on their website to add a bit of motion. It is also to convey the business message, that they speed up delivery services.

The logo design was supplied in several formats for digital and print, in black & white versions, with and without the strapline, so they have a logo file for any possible future use. They also asked me to look at their website, as they were more than happy with the logo design! This is an ongoing project.


Squarespace Web Design

The business owner had already started building the website using Squarespace, but found it tricky to accomplish exactly what they envisioned. They asked me to go through the Squarespace website to optimise all of the images and ensure the layout adapted itself well to mobile browsing.

I re-worked the structure of their home page and service pages to improve mobile browsing and general navigation. I also went through the website making sure all of the basic SEO details were in order, such as adding meta descriptions to important pages and ensuring all images had descriptive ALT text. These little things can make all the difference when launching a website.


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