SMP Clinic Logo & Web Design

SMP Clinic provide Scalp Micropigmentation treatments & other hair therapies. They required a website & logo design to launch their services. They had already created a well established beauty clinic in Hertfordshire, which I helped to create a section of the services. So they asked me to handle this project, as they were comfortable in knowing that I could deliver the goods!

The first stage was to create a logo. They already had a specific idea of what the logo should look like… but I had to illustrate the male & female head shapes to provide original ownership.

Then came the web design. They provided me with a general preference for the look & style of the website… along with a large amount of text. I then had to break down the text & create a workable website, with an obvious structure, presenting their services in the most effective way – taking into account SEO & responsiveness.

Branding & Business Card Design

After the logo design & web design, they required a set of business cards, along with a few leaflets to start promoting the new clinic. Business card designs are often quite tricky to get right, due to the small area, and the details needed on it. We always try to keep our designs very clean & minimal, with no unnecessary frills.

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