Using AI to your advantage

Without wanting to get into the ethical debates about Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is happening, so the best thing any business can do is try to figure out how to use it to their advantage. How can you utilise AI to benefit your business? How can you use AI to perform the menial tasks that you don’t have time for?


Image generation

Myself, as a graphic / web designer, I spend a lot of time creating or sourcing photography to use on a new website. Finding the perfect image to precisely convey a service or product can be time consuming. Or finding the perfect photo to reflect the latest blog post on a website often means paying for a stock photo.

Using DALL-E, I was able to generate a few generic images using specific instructions, that perfectly fit the subject I was trying to convey. Below are a few quick examples… including a couple that are not entirely perfect, to illustrate the “hit & miss” nature of the technology.


The images above were generated by OpenAI DALL-E using very generic phrases, such as “female applying face cream” or “people attending a technology event”. Which could be used as the main image for a blog post or advertising campaign.

Of course, some image requests produce quite strange results! Many image requests bring back slightly unnatural looking images, perhaps a hand in the wrong position or objects that appear to be floating. But occasionally these anomalies create a more interesting image, and it’s still early days for the image generation side of AI.


Copywriting generation

One of the most time consuming things in my job is to create the text content for a new website, if the client doesn’t have the means to supply the text content. By using ChatGPT and Google Bard, I have been able to generate high quality text content in seconds, with a little fine-tuning and tweaking, it provides me with everything I need.


Blog articles

For any website project that has very strong competition, one of my main bits of advice is to create a blog. If a company can create a number of well-written articles about their inductry, it usually brings great benefits to the whole website. And with AI it is possible to generate blog articles quite quickly, without the time consuming process of actually thinking about it!

Of course, what is supplied by AI always need to be fine-tuned and tweaked, but on most occasions I have been provided with an almost perfect article to work with.


Asking the question!

Why not ask ChatGPT what they think about the future of AI? This is the thread…


“Do you think that AI will take over people’s jobs in the future?”


“AI is already transforming many industries and replacing certain types of jobs. Some estimates suggest that up to 50% of jobs could be automated in the next two decades. However, it is important to note that AI is also creating new job opportunities in fields such as data analysis, machine learning engineering, and robotics.”

“It is likely that certain types of jobs will be more susceptible to automation than others. Jobs that involve repetitive, manual tasks such as assembly line work or data entry are particularly vulnerable. However, jobs that require creative problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and human interaction, such as social work, teaching, and healthcare, are less likely to be fully automated.”

“Overall, while AI will undoubtedly change the nature of work in many industries, it is unlikely to completely replace human labour in the foreseeable future. Instead, we are likely to see a shift towards more specialized, high-skill jobs that require a combination of technical and human skills.”


Should we be worried?

Yes! Some jobs are highly at risk… mainly journalists, copywriters, accountants, stock photo companies, and perhaps programmers. But if you get in there now, try to learn how AI works and how it can benefit you, before it becomes too big, it can really be a powerfull tool that can only help everyone.


Like a Calculator

To me, it’s similar to the digital calculator. Why should we have to know our 7 times table, when we can simply ask the calculator? AI is the next level… nobody needs to actually think for themselves any more, so the human race will slowly become more stupid.



We should remember that AI only does what we ask it to do, so it up to us to use it to our advantage. The idea that AI will eventually take over the world and overpower the human race is ridiculous. A computer surely doesn’t actually feel? So it will not develop the human feelings of greed and power.

In theory.


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Using AI to your advantage

Without wanting to get into the ethical debates about Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is happening, so the best thing any business can do is try to figure out how to use it to their advantage. How can you utilise AI to benefit your business? How can you use...

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