Vanité Skin Cosmetics Web Design

Vanité Skin is a secondary website for Vanité Clinic and was created to focus on their range of cosmetic products and a select number of aesthetic treatments. It is an e-commerce web design built using WordPress and WooCommerce, using a custom designed theme which is simple but effective.


While managing the main website for Vanité Clinic, we found that it was restricted in terms of advertising due to their range of medical products and treatments. Creating Google Ads campaigns was proving difficult, as the website contained products and treatments that are disapproved by Google. So we decided to create a secondary website just for cosmetics.


This solved a lot of issues with certain brands of cosmetics, who had a list of brand guidelines when selling their products. And we were able to simplify the delivery process, having a different system to the Clinic website, calculating delivery costs by the weight of all items in the basket rather than a fixed cost per item.

It is also a far better solution for business reasons, as we can focus the SEO on this website towards cosmetic products, targeting the whole of the UK. While the Clinic website can remain focused on the medical side of their business, targeting local customers.

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