Filthy Stitch Bitch Logo Design

Not the usual logo design project! The Filthy Stitch Bitch create risky, hand-made decorative plaques & signs. They asked us to design a suitable logo that could be used for all marketing & packaging purposes.

They had a few ideas of what style they wanted, such as the 1950s housewife style imagery, a hand-stitched style and a vintage / hand-written font. The main difficulty in this type of logo design is to meet the requirements, yet creating a logo that will be easily read & visible in small scale – when on social media posts for example.

The logo also had to work as a physical label, or a small sticker to apply to products, so we eventually created a few variations of the logo, to be used for different applications… as you can see above.

We suggested using a bolder, serif font that kept the vintage style, but was far more clear & readable when seen in small scale. We supplied 2 basic versions, one with the 1950s lady illustration, and a more simple version for labels. They also asked us to provide versions of each design with & without a knitting / sewing needle, to give them different options for marketing.

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