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My first priority is Search Engine Optimisation. I work with clients to fine-tune their website content, to concisely describe what their services or products are.



Website Speed

Search Engines look at the page speed of your website, as well as your website visitors. I try to keep my websites clean & minimal, taking away unnecessary bells and whistles.



Web Security

Most websites are under constant attack by people probing for weaknesses. I set up strong security systems that blocks suspicious activity, not compromising speed.



Mobile Friendly

All of my websites will be tested on various devices to iron out any issues. Responsive web design is clearly important, but some techniques work better than others.



E Commerce

Selling online can be simple, but a large e-commerce shop needs to be managed carefully to ensure good SEO. I manage several shops & ensure all content is correct.



CMS / WordPress

Most clients require a WordPress web design. I provide custom WordPress themes and provide my clients with the training & support they need to manage their websites.




Recent Projects



Premier Roofing Web Design

A simple, small business web design for a roofing and building company in Edinburgh. They approached me to create a website to advertise their company, providing me links to their listings and reviews on platforms like MyBuilder, RatedPeople and CheckATrade...

Smart Lettings Logo & Web Design

New business logo & web design for a local letting solutions service provider. They approached me to design their logo and website, initially with a few ideas of the styling and website layout. We worked together to create a nice, clean, modern logo...

The Real Magazine Web Design

The Real is an online magazine featuring articles about fashion, culture, music… amongst other subjects. They approached me to design a minimalist logo & web design, using a black & white colour scheme and bold fonts. It was important for them...

Online Hypnotherapy Web Design

This web design project required a number of functionalities, to allow the business owner to effectively provide online hypnotherapy services to customers. The web design had to be attractive, functional, and obvious to the user what they were required to do...

Iberia Rustica Logo & Web Design

Iberia Rustica is a new venture that provides an advertising platform for properties & products throughout Spain & Portugal. This made it necessary to create a multilingual web design, which threw up a few challenges. At the time of writing this...

Executive Coaching Web Design

Erica approached me to help her update her existing web design, which was originally built using Wix, but she was interested in moving the website to a WordPress website to allow more functionality and flexibility. It was easy enough to copy the existing...

Tawe Interiors Web Design

After creating the logo design for Tawe Interiors, they then asked for a modern, elegant web design to reflect their kitchen installation services. Attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship are important to their business, which needed to be reflected...

Escort Agency Logo & Web Design

Quite an unusual logo & web design project for an escort agency based in South Wales. The main brief was to create a warm and professional feel for the website, to avoid looking like one of the usual more seedy looking websites within the same industry...

Custom HTML / CSS Web Design

JM Drainage Solutions required a simple logo design & web design project. I decided to build the website using pure HTML and CSS, without using any website builder platforms, to keep the website as simple, quick loading & secure as possible. VISIT...

Shipmax Logo & Web Design

SHIPMAX is a new shipping & delivery management company who required a modernisation of their logo design. They already had the general idea & design concept, but were struggling to get the design perfect, so they came to me. The design is quite...

Horse Charity Web Design

Communities For Horses is a well established charity for horse welfare based in Swansea. They approached me as they needed a modernisation of their web design, making it more interactive, easier to navigate and mobile friendly. They also required a...

Medi Dx Logo & Web Design

Medi Dx Supply is a new medical / clinical company that provide blood diagnostic supplies, specialising in blood glucose monitoring systems. They required a professional logo design, branding project and e-commerce web design to launch their online business...






For every web design project, I set up each website with a good SEO plan. Depending on the type of business and your competition, I keep working on your website SEO to ensure you are well positioned on search engines.

It can often take a couple of months to achieve a good position, if the competition is strong, so it’s important to start off with the correct plan and stick to the plan. For most locally based companies it is fairly straight forward to achieve a good position on Google. I take the time to concisely describe your products or services to ensure you are ranking highly.



Digital Marketing

I manage the social media & Google Ads accounts for a number of companies, overseeing the paid campaigns to ensure they are effective. Different platforms will be more effective for certain products or services, depending upon the goal.

If the product or service is quite high end, or if it is a very new product, a simple Facebook / Instagram awareness campaign may be more effective than a Google Ads campaign, as many people may not be aware of the product. But if the product / service is widely know of, a Google Ads campaign may be far more effective and cheaper.





Website Speed

Another important factor in a successful website is to be fast loading. To achieve a quick loading website involves using good, clean code, using plug-ins sparingly, and using the correct graphic types at the correct sizes at all times.

I often have customers who want a really fancy website with all the bells & whistles, but I try to illustrate to them why an ultra fast website will get them more customers, and you can create an impressive website without any bells and whistles, using good design.




Web Security

Most CMS websites, such as WordPress, are constantly under attack by people or bots trying to gain access to the website. I build websites starting off with good security & advise my clients on how to keep themselves secure.

There are a number of free security plug-ins out there for WordPress, I use some of these systems when required, and can adjust the amount of security features for each website, if there are reasons to allow more flexibility for visitors. I also recommend the best hosting for each web design project, depending on the functionality, expected size & traffic for each website.




Mobile Friendly

Most modern websites will be fully responsive, but there are a number of web design techniques that can improve the layout of a website when viewed on mobile. Presenting your content in the most effective way is essential, and makes a huge difference to visitor interaction.

All of my web design projects are tested thoroughly on various devices & browsers. I am confident that my websites will be fully responsive, adjusting any layouts & graphics to effectively fit the user’s screen.




E Commerce

I manage a number of e-commerce websites, ensuring the sales are consistent. The complexity of an e-commerce web design depends upon the number of products and categories of products you have. The larger the number of products you have, the more careful you need to be with the structure, to ensure good SEO.

Along with the website content, well written product descriptions, SEO structure, website speed – all will effect the performance of your shop, determining how many sales you get. Even the size of your product images can make a difference to page speed and SEO, so it’s important to use the best practices at all times.





CMS / WordPress Web Design

The majority of websites that I build today are WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), meaning you can log-in and easily update your content – but installing the theme & setting everything up properly can get a bit more technical. I design, build and manage high quality WordPress websites / themes, and ensure that any functionality that you need from your website is done properly.

I have built websites using pure HTML, PHP & CSS, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify – amongst other platforms – but I would always recommend WordPress (open source software) as I find it to be the most flexible & professional platform with any functionality possible.



Ongoing Support

After launching a website it can take 4 to 8 weeks to achieve a good position on search engines. I launch 2 or 3 websites each month and take responsibility for ensuring that each website works for the client. This involves monitoring the rankings of each website over time.

For each client I also provide training to update their own website content, advising them on the best way to generate quality content. In most cases I will implement a Blog, so the client can easily generate high quality, topical content to improve their own rankings.






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My Clients

I provide a flexible freelance designer / web design, marketing & graphics department to a number of companies in the UK. Developing & managing various websites, creating blogs / social media content & producing print / digital marketing material.



TargetCool Web Design & Marketing

TargetCool is a new aesthetics device that is supplied by Cosmeditech. They required a dedicated website and comprehensive marketing campaign to launch the product, to raise the maximum amount of awareness about the product. The device itself uses CO2 gas to...

Natural UK Web Design

Natural UK are a well established company with a great brand, but they needed a website modernisation to present their products & services in a more functional, logical way. The previous web design was built a number of years ago, using static HTML pages...

Cosmeditech Web Design

Cosmeditech are UK manufacturers & distributors of Aesthetic / Cosmetic technology devices. Cosmeditech was launched in 2016, and as a part of a small but highly effective team, my job was to create the logo & branding, then to build the website and...

Simon Tyre Services Web Design

Simon Tyre Services required a modernaisation of their web design due to a change of name, also to make it more dynamic & responsive (mobile friendly) and bring it up to modern standards. We built their original website back in 2013 (see below) using old...

Gluten Free Bakery Web Design

Updated web design for Welsh Gluten Free Bakery Products. They needed a modernisation of their website… updating the logo & brand colours, also to make it more mobile friendly & accessible. The style is meant to be a bit traditional &...

Welsh Brew Tea Web Design

We built the Welsh Brew Tea website back in 2015 (you can see what it looked like originally below) and in the summer of 2020 they re-branded their main range of teas, which required a refresh of the web design. The new branding is a lot more colourful &...





ModRed Design is the home of myself, Scott Bowen, a Freelance Designer based in Swansea, South Wales. I have over 10 years experience as a freelancer, and a wealth of industry experience across all design fields. I work with numerous companies throughout the UK providing a full range of digital & print marketing material, building & managing all types of websites.











How I work

I charge a one-off fee for my web design projects, in most cases I can create a test website on my own servers so you can see exactly what you are getting before making any commitments. I recommend that you purchase your own hosting and domain, so you keep total ownership of your website in the future.


With industry experience using various design disciplines, I look at the big picture to ensure your website & graphical content fits all purposes. This experience allows me to provide solutions to any technical requests, whatever functionality the business website requires, I can implement it effectively and efficiently.

Cost Effective

By investing in a professional web design, and keeping the future website running costs as low as possible, in the long run this is guaranteed to be the most cost effective way to run a professional website.

Future Support

After completing a web design project, for most customers I continue to work with them as a freelance designer, to make updates to the website in the future & monitor SEO progress. Whether major changes are needed, or simple quick updates, I charge a reasonable hourly rate – or for very quick fixes or advice, I do not charge at all.




More Services



Logo Design

Creative branding, identity development & logo design. Supplying artwork for digital, print, product packaging & labels.




Creating Marketing & Advertising for companies in Swansea, South Wales & all over the UK, both Digital & Print projects.



Print Design

Custom design of printed material, including posters, banners, calendars, flyers, brochures & large format exhibition graphics.




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