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Professional web design at affordable prices. We aim to build websites that are mobile friendly, fast, attractive and SEO ready. Our main goal is to have successful clients!



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SEO Ready

Our first priority is Search Engine Optimisation. We work with our clients to fine-tune their website content, to concisely describe what their services or products are.



Website Speed

Search Engines look at the page speed of your website, as well as your website visitors. We try to keep our websites clean & minimal, taking away unnecessary bells and whistles.



Web Security

Most websites are under constant attack by people probing for weaknesses. We set up strong security systems that blocks suspicious activity, but doesn’t compromise speed.



Mobile Friendly

All of our websites will be tested on various devices to iron out any issues. Responsive web design is clearly important, but some techniques work better than others.



E Commerce

Selling online can be simple, but a large e-commerce shop needs to be managed carefully to ensure good SEO. We manage several shops & ensure all content is correct.




Most clients require a WordPress web design. We provide custom WordPress themes and provide our clients with the training & support they need to manage their websites.




Recent Projects


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My Essential Health provide aromatherapy treatments & essential oils products. They required a logo design & web design to start ...

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Vanité Skin is a secondary website for Vanité Clinic and was created to focus on their range of cosmetic products and a select number of ...




WordPress Web Design

The majority of websites that we build today are WordPress websites, which is the most widely used platform in the world. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), meaning you can log-in and easily update your content – but installing the theme & setting everything up properly can get a bit more technical.

We design, build and manage high quality WordPress websites / themes, and we ensure that any functionality that you need from your website is done properly, using the most reliable plug-ins out there. We also provide ongoing support for all clients.

If you are considering a DIY website platform like Squarespace or Wix, we can guarantee that WordPress will be a better option in the long-run. You may spend a little more initially to produce a professional website, but the yearly running costs will be a fraction of what you would spend with Squarespace or Wix, and future updates or added functionality are unlimited.

With experience in building websites using pure HTML, CSS and PHP, we can tweak any content or back-end code of a WordPress website, so there are no limitations to functionality or styling.



Responsive Web Design

Most websites will be fully responsive these days, but there are a number of web design techniques that can improve the layout of a website when viewed on a mobile phone. Presenting your content in the most effective way is essential, and makes a huge difference to your visitor interaction.
All of our web design projects are tested thoroughly on various devices & browsers. We are confident that our websites will be fully responsive, but there are often little tweaks that need to be made to iron out any visual issues.



Search Engine Optimisation

For every one of our web design projects we set up each website with a good SEO plan. Depending on the type of business and your competition, we can keep working on your website SEO to ensure you are well positioned on search engines.

It can often take a couple of months to achieve a good position, if the competition is strong, so it’s important to start off with the correct plan, and stick to the plan.

For most locally based companies, it is fairly straight forward to achieve a good position on Google. If you have a strong range of competitors, we put a bit more work into the website content to ensure you are ranking highly.

After managing a number of websites, monitoring the Analytics and rankings over a long period of time, you find out what SEO techniques are important and actually work.



E Commerce Web Design

We manage a number of e-commerce websites, ensuring the sales are consistent. The complexity of an e-commerce web design depends upon the number of products and categories of products you have. The larger the number of products you have, the more careful you need to be with the structure, to ensure good SEO.

Along with the website content, well written product descriptions, SEO structure, website speed – all will effect the performance of your shop, determining how many sales you get. Even the size of your product images can make a difference to page speed and SEO, so it’s important to use the best practices.

It depends on what your products are, on how the website is built. If you have a small number of products, what delivery costs you have, whether you charge delivery costs by weight, whether you have many options on different products – these little details are important when initially setting up the shop.

We ensure that all the bases are covered & continually monitor sales & Analytics to keep the sales coming in, where the majority of sales are coming from & which areas to focus your marketing on.



Security & Hosting

Most CMS websites, such as WordPress, are constantly under attack by people or bots trying to gain access to the website. We build our websites starting off with good security & advise our clients on how to keep themselves secure.

There are a number of free security plug-ins out there for WordPress, we use some of these systems when required, and we can adjust the amount of security features for each website, if there are reasons to allow more flexibility for visitors.

We also recommend the best hosting for each web design project, depending on the functionality, expected size & traffic for each website, different hosting could be looked at in each case.

We host a number of client websites ourselves and manage the updates, but we usually recommend that each customer purchases their own hosting & domain, so they retain full ownership of their website in the future.



Digital Marketing

We manage a number of social media accounts for a range of companies including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. For some companies we just provide custom graphics to be posted on their social platforms, for other companies we also create the text content and manage the posts, replies & comments.

We create custom graphics for each platform, using the correct sizes and resolution for the best fit – depending on the specific platform. We can also produce lightweight video content or slideshows, perfect for quick animations on social media, when it is important to grab people’s attention within 1 second.

Social media advertising is also something we manage, whether it is a simple Facebook post boost, or a longer campaign, we can find the most effective solutions depending on the budget and target audience.

You will see below a number of Instagram graphics we have produced for different companies, using different styles & tones of messaging for each business style. If you already have a good following, a simple competition or quiz can be very effective at getting interaction.





Website Speed

Another important factor in a successful website is to be fast loading. To achieve a quick loading website involves using good, clean code, using plug-ins sparingly, and using the correct graphic types at the correct sizes at all times.
We often have customers who want a really fancy website with all the bells & whistles, but we try to illustrate to them why an ultra fast website will get them more customers, and you can create an impressive website without any bells and whistles, using good design.



Our Portfolio

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How we work

Web Design Costs

Every web design project is different, whether you need a simple brochure website or a large scale e-commerce shop. We need to know a few details about what you need before giving you a quote.

Domains & Hosting

We usually recommend that our clients purchase their own hosting & domain, so they retain full control of the website in the future. We can advise on the best / most reliable hosting companies out there – which will depend on the scale of the website project. Some clients prefer us to manage the domain & hosting ourselves. In these cases we purchase the domain & use our own hosting, then we agree on a reasonable yearly payment to manage the website & hosting.

The Design Process

Where possible we produce a fully working test website on our own servers, so you can see exactly how the website will look & function before committing to the project. We develop WordPress / CMS websites along with custom HTML / CSS websites. With experience in building websites since 1998, we can produce high quality websites for any functionality.

Security & Support

All of our websites will include up-to-date security software that protects you from hackers. Depending on the scale & functionality of your website, we tailor the security level to allow certain functionalities or disallow them. All of our customers then get permanent future advice & support on how to use their websites.


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