Blogging, Social Media & SEO

For a number of clients, we manage their websites & digital marketing, which often involves creating, updating & sharing articles on their blog. The topics for each blog post will always be relevant to the specific industry, so we ask the business owners to point us in the right direction – as they are the […]

Google Ads & PPC Management

We manage Google Ads PPC accounts for a number of different businesses in Swansea, South Wales & the UK. Natural SEO rankings is always the first priority when building a website, but for some companies who have a lot of competitors, it’s worth spending money on advertising, if the campaign brings in new customers that […]

Responsive HTML Email Design

Most popular email marketing platforms have great drag-&-drop email builders that handle responsive email design very well. But, occasionally, I am required to build an email from scratch using HTML & CSS, if a client is using a lesser well known email platform, or sending emails from their own server. There are 100s of great […]

Creating a Brand Identity

One of my recent projects was to produce a complete identity for an ambitious laser-tech company. The project involved creating two brands – a corporate brand & a more vibrant brand for their main product line. Many logo design projects can be pretty straight forward & often completed within a few days. But creating a […]

WordPress SEO Pharma Hack

The Pharma Hack is quite a subtle, clever hack which seems to affect WordPress and other CMS websites. The hackers gain access to your database through an old or compromised plugin or theme. They are then able to plant lines of code within your database, which redirects visitors to illegal pharmaceutical websites. As you can […]

My view of SEO

More & more clients are asking for SEO services & what can be done with SEO… or what is SEO? I believe that everybody should be able to improve their own website SEO (search engine optimisation), by adopting good copy-writing & using social media. And it is far more effective when a business owner makes […]

My Design Experience

ModRed Design is the creation of myself, Scott Bowen, a Freelance Designer based in Swansea, South Wales, UK. This article gives you a little background information on my career experiences & education. I am fortunate to have worked all over the UK with several companies, big & small, from which I have gained a large […]

Why use Cloud Software?

I have seen a number of clients being pushed into using cloud software in the past year or two, in the belief that their business will be more efficient – being able to access files from anywhere & share calendars etc., which is a benefit of cloud storage & very useful. However, in most cases […]

Drawing a stencil using Illustrator

One of my jobs is to create original illustrations for a tattoo stencil company. They usually give me a basic design brief – perhaps producing a range of Christmas designs, or Hen Party designs… I then produce a few drawings, the best of which are then used as products on their website. I use Adobe […]

Building an E-Commerce Web Design

An e-commerce web design is fairly easy to set up, but to effectively direct your visitors to the correct products requires a bit of thought & planning… depending upon the number of products you have. You have to assume that the visitor has never visited your site before… so big buttons & obvious navigation is […]

My time at Funky Pigeon

Back in early 2008 I landed an amazing job at an on-line, personalised greeting card company called Remind4u – they later became Funky Pigeon. Initially, my job was to design photographic greeting cards using Photoshop, Illustrator, Direct Smile & InDesign. So my days were spent searching the internet for nice images, doctoring them in Photoshop […]

History of ModRed Design

I built this website back in 2008, initially without any real plans for what I was going to do with it, it was simply a way for me to practice my web design skills & experiment with SEO. This post details the original intention & the re-builds / re-designing of ModRed Design through the ages. […]

My time at the Evening Post

My first real job was at the Evening Post in Swansea. I prepared newspapers for production in a variety of ways… I will try to convey my experiences in this post. My job title was ‘Page Production Operative’ – which has a very broad definition. In practice, I basically got what was seen on screen […]

Print Bleed & Margins

This article explains how to set up artwork for print when using full bleed images. After explaining it to countless people over the years via email or over the phone, I thought I’d create this post to explain it visually. The image above shows a full bleed image (image that goes right to the edge […]