Blogging, Social Media & SEO

For a number of clients, we manage their websites & digital marketing, which often involves creating, updating & sharing articles on their blog. The topics for each blog post will always be relevant to the specific industry, so we ask the business owners to point us in the right direction – as they are the experts on their business – we simply dot the I’s and cross the T’s, ensuring the blog is set up well. We then publish the blog articles & share them on the main social media platforms.

Maintaining an active blog, adding regular articles to it, is great for SEO & great for getting new visitors to a website. First, search engines like to see lots of high quality content on a website, so a blog is a great way to add content. Second, if you take time to create an interesting or useful article, posting a link & excerpt on social media will encourage people to click on the link to read more. You can then place subtle links within your blog article, advertising your products or services.


Health Food Blog Management

Working with a health food company in London, we add regular articles to their blog & help to share these articles on social media. They will send us the basis of an article, and we then add the information to their website, ensuring all text, images & links are formatted properly. It is also important to think about the article titles, making them a suitable length, yet containing the perfect keywords.

We also source stock photos for each article, cropping the images, saving them at the perfect size & resolution to suit the website & each social media platform. For each new article, we will create a set of image sizes & coordinate a campaign, sharing each new article on social media & email newsletters, to target the highest audience possible.


Social Media Sharing

We find that you need to put a little thought into your social media posts, which is why Blogging works well. Instead of posting random, shallow posts every day, it’s more effective to take your time & only share things which are worthwhile.

Also, planning a competition can work very well to get interaction. If you have the resources to give away a small prize, it’s worthwhile setting up a competition on Facebook, asking a simple question in return for a prize. If you can get a number of people to comment on, or share your competition, this will add a link on each person’s feed, giving you a bit of exposure.

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SEO Improvements

A search engine’s results are based on information, the words on your website determine how a search engine finds it. So, if you create many different terms & phrases on your website, sentences that describe your products or services, you are increasing the chance of hitting the random string of words someone will type into a search engine.

We have seen many examples of websites that were struggling to get into the top 5 or 10 results on search engines, and after setting up a blog, after around 4 to 6 weeks, they rose up into the top 5 results. As with anything, the people who put the effort into their websites are the ones who will come out on top. And there is always room for improvement!

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