Plexus FPL Logo & Brochure Design

Cosmeditech required a logo design & brochure design to launch their new aesthetic Laser platform, the Plexus FPL. We decided to use a black & white colour scheme, to reflect the latest brand changes for their partner company, Cocoon Medical UK. And we feel that the grey / silver colour scheme conveys quality, rather than a brash, bold colour.

We initially created a 4 page, A4 brochure, taking all of the information about the product & refining it, to just present concise, relevant information. It’s often better to use as little text as possible, to make the information digestible. More information can always be given on the website page… which will follow.

The brochure design follows on from the recent Cocoon Medical UK brochure, with a very minimalistic style. And each page can be used as a stand-alone advert for various publications, depending on the target audience.

  1. Sergio says:

    I like the minimalist design! Did you have any input into the actual machine design?

    • ModRed Design says:

      Thanks! Well no, I only re-branded the machine really. And tried to make the marketing material more modern… take away the bumf, only include the specifics.

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