Indiba Exhibition Design

Series of large format banners designed for Indiba, a company in the USA who provide Radiofrequency devices for the sports & physio therapy industrustries. The series included 3 square panels & one rectangular panel, roughly twice the width.


The latest series was created in-line with their updated brand guidelines, using a slightly different logo, colour scheme & font. Above you can see the older graphic style, which uses bright orange.

We also provide a number of other designs for Indiba, including magazine adverts & brochures. We supply them with print-ready PDF files, working alongside their printers to achieve the specific sizes & resolution etc.


Above you can see a recent advert design, created along the same lines as the banners. This advert was created initially for a magazine, but was provided as a PDF file and a JPEG file, so they could use the graphic on their social media accounts.

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