Illustrated Icon Designs

Obviously web design & website browsing is going more & more towards responsive web design / mobile friendly websites, so a good set of icons is becoming essential to instantly convey a service or application. As a part of the latest web design for ModRed, I created a set of icons covering the various areas […]

More Beer Label Designs

Another couple of new ales from Two Drifters Brewery, both requiring bottle label designs, including Drifters Sunrise & Drifters Sundown. To continue along the same style as all the other labels, we created an illustrated background image, conveying the name of each product & the flavours or ingredients within the drinks. The background illustrations were […]

Series of Cartoon Illustrations

These cartoon style characters were drawn using Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics, to be used as glitter tattoo stencils. The finished products needed to be fairly small, so the designs have to be very chunky & minimal – which helps in the production, as well as the design. When creating a design for vinyl cutting, […]

Face Painting Stencil Designs

One of my jobs is to create illustrations for a glitter tattoo stencil company… who also manufacture face painting stencils. Here are a few little graphic designs, used as product images on their e-commerce website, or for use on social media. The stencils themselves are produced by – firstly, drawing the design as a vector […]