Wildside Scents Logo Design

This was quite a complex logo design project which involved a number of processes & techniques to achieve what the client visualised. We were supplied with a few pencil sketches & some examples of paintings to convey the look that they wanted, which was an abstract, hand-painted style, using bold colours.

Specifically, they wanted a painting of a fox sniffing the air, set in a UK forest scene, with native flora & a seascape background. They also wanted the painting to be incorporated into a logo design, to be used for all branding on product packaging, social media & an e-commerce website.


We started by creating the background scene (above) by drawing each separate shape using Adobe Illustrator. We then took the drawing into Photoshop, where we applied photographic paint textures to the drawing, to give it the hand-painted look.

Each element was created as a separate layer – the sea / sky background, the forest mid-ground, the fox itself, then the floral / fern foreground. When all elements were put together, superimposing paint textures, we then applied a slight Photoshop filter to give the whole image a consistent texture.


We then took the drawing into Adobe InDesign, where we placed a circular frame & text onto the image. The idea was to produce a stand-alone circular logo, which could be used for social media, websites & packaging, but to use the background image for other marketing uses, such as packaging details & backgrounds. The black frame & text were also supplied separately, which could be used for a number of different products, replacing the central painting to convey the different scents.

The project is in the early days yet… but will involve a series of packaging designs & an e-commerce web design in the near future. But we created the logo to have a number of elements that covered all aspects of possible future uses.

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