Graphic Design & Illustration

We create original Vector / EPS illustrations for digital, printing & publishing uses. Many of our illustration projects have been used for branding / logo design projects, Glitter Tattoo Stencils & various printing projects.


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Recent Illustration Projects


Boxing Academy Logo Design

A local group was created in South Wales to provide sporting activities for children in the area, starting with a boxing academy. They ...

Wildside Scents Logo Design

This was quite a complex logo design project which involved a number of processes & techniques to achieve what the client visualised. ...

Welsh Padel Centre Logo Design

The Welsh Padel Centre required a logo design that reflected their sport & their Welsh heritage. They asked for us to use their full ...

Illustrated Icon Designs

Obviously web design & website browsing is going more & more towards responsive web design / mobile friendly websites, so a good ...

Beer Crest Label Designs

After creating the logo, branding & beer bottle labels for Two Drifters Brewery, they then required the label designs converted into ...

More Beer Label Designs

Another couple of new ales from Two Drifters Brewery, both requiring bottle label designs, including Drifters Sunrise & Drifters ...



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Cartoon Illustration

One of our early jobs was to design children’s tattoo stencils, which were drawn as vector illustrations so they could be produced as vinyl cut stencils. Each drawing had to be small enough for a children’s arm, which meant the drawings had to be very simple yet recognisable in small format.

The drawings also had to have no sharp corners, which assisted the cutting machine in production. And each shape had to be self-contained, with no overlapping objects – this is also essential for vinyl cutting, as the blade will follow the outside line of each shape. View some Illustration Examples.


Illustration & Branding

For a number of logo design projects, we are required to draw certain elements of a logo, whether it is a simple star, or an elaborate floral pattern. The majority of logo designs are required to be supplied as EPS / vector graphics, so they will be suitable for any printing usage, small or large format, or vinyl printing if necessary.


Infographics Illustration

One of our main clients produce large format installations for various companies and institutions around the UK. We provide the artwork for a number of these installations, which often require infographics designs to present information in a simple & fun way.

The infographics illustration designs will be created using Adobe Illustrator as Vector / EPS graphics, as they will be used in very large format in most cases.


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