Illustrated Icon Designs

Obviously web design & website browsing is going more & more towards responsive web design / mobile friendly websites, so a good set of icons is becoming essential to instantly convey a service or application.

As a part of the latest web design for ModRed, I created a set of icons covering the various areas within logo design, print design, web design & marketing, creating a consistent design style throughout the website.

For each icon, I looked around at various ways to convey each service, then produced my own interpretation as a Vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator, then saved them as 8 bit PNG images, ideal for web use. But I can also use the icons in printed material.

Obviously the icons need to be instantly recognisable in very small format, so the simplicity of the drawing is important. My experience in tattoo stencil creation came in handy, as I had lots of practice in producing small scale illustrations.

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