Welsh Padel Centre Logo Design

The Welsh Padel Centre required a logo design that reflected their sport & their Welsh heritage. They asked for us to use their full name & web address in the logo – along with an actual padel in the design, along with a Welsh Dragon to convey the nationality, we just had to combine all of these elements into a compact, clear logo.

Having a fairly large amount of text in the logo, we chose a fairly compact / narrow font, which was bold enough to be seen from a distance, and is also fairly modern / crisp. The dragon illustration was created to provide a containing border for the 2 padels… again this had to be simplified enough to be recognisable at a distance.


Along with the main logo design, they also asked for a secondary logo design that could be used as a badge on their clothing / accessories. This obviously uses the same dragon illustration & font, but is simply set in a circle, so it is easily used for a badge.

Other technical requirements were to provide the logo design in monochrome – so the logo could be produced using vinyl cutting, or any other printing method. This also means the logo colour can be reversed, or set as white (or any other colour) to suit the background of the specific usage.

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