Simon Tyre Services Web Design

Simon Tyre Services required a modernaisation of their web design due to a change of name, also to make it more dynamic & responsive (mobile friendly) and bring it up to modern standards. We built their original website back in 2013 (see below) using old fashioned HTML tables to create a static website.


This website was performing pretty well on Google, appearing in the top 10 for all of their chosen keywords. And an old style HTML website has some benefits, not being vulnerable to hacking, but they needed to update the website using WordPress, to allow more functionality.

The new website features a full screen slideshow on the home page with clear / bold messages. It also has a more user-friendly booking form, so customers can easily select the type of service they want. We predict that the new website will overtake the old website on Google within 4 to 6 weeks, where we will then phase out the old website, ensuring they don’t miss any business enquiries.

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