Natural UK Web Design

Natural UK are a well established company with a great brand, but they needed a website modernisation to present their products & services in a more functional, logical way.

The previous web design was built a number of years ago, using static HTML pages which were not well suited for a modern day visitor, requiring mobile friendly / responsive websites that adjust their size & layout automatically. It was also very difficult for the staff to easily update any information on the website.

We rebuilt the website using WordPress, which gives the staff an easy way to update any content themselves. We built a custom WordPress theme which suited the brand, is fully responsive / mobile friendly, fast loading and has functional navigation.

Product Catalogue

One of the main aims for the company was to showcase their products. We took their catalogue of products & arranged them into logical categories, which is essential for SEO – along with how customers can easily find specific products.


We created an e-commerce style system which will be familiar to most people, where each product has a simple contact form to complete if they require more information.

Other aspects of the web design include a blog system, where they can easily update & add new articles. We created a simplified staff page with biographies, we also added a reviews system. But the main requirement was to improve the website SEO, which we completely refined by implementing an SEO structure & advising the staff on how to add content properly in the future, to retain good SEO.

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NappiCycle Web Design

The partner company of Natural UK is NappiCycle – a nappy recycling service. We also rebuilt this website to modernise the design & simplify the layout / navigation.


We tried to create a flowing navigation, using clear icons & buttons that direct the user to the next logical page. Another feature on this website was a Tonnage Calculator, which local authorities can use to calculate the amount of nappy recycling waste can be produced based on the number of houses in an area.

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