Westacres Property Brochure Design

Westacres are a property development company in Wales that develop high-end housing. For a new development in Swansea, they required a set of brochures to provide to any new home buyers, such as an Optional Extras brochure or a Welcome brochure.

They already had a brochure that was created in-house, using Publisher, but they wanted it to be tidied up & made to look very clean & modern. They also supplied a number of high quality photos of the properties.

They wanted to try an A4 landscape layout, to give it a more unique touch. I tried to create a consistent layout throughout the brochure, using clean lines & no fussy design features. Depending upon the amount of content on each page, and the available images, each page could have a vertical or horizontal layout, but still follow the same design style.

In the Optional Extras brochure, most pages had a table of items that the customer could choose from, depending on which type of property they purchased. I created a very simple table style, that was easily adjusted depending on the number of columns & rows, but didn’t look cluttered or untidy.

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