Mamas That Flower Web Design

Mamas That Flower provide a range of floral services, including wedding events & flower arranging workshops. They needed an updated web design, making it more mobile friendly & to set up an easy booking system so they could get customers to events.


The web design was created using WordPress, customising a theme to suit their business style, using serif fonts and a black & white colour scheme to showcase their photos. The website has a simple layout and navigation, and the content is responsive and well spaced out, to ensure it is well designed for mobile viewing.

We set up a simple e-commerce system for their events, using stock control to manage the number of people they could have at each event. They will be adding lots of different events in the future, so we kept this in mind when creating the e-commerce system, leaving room to add more categories in the future.

The website was hosted on a cloud system based outside of the UK, so it was painfully slow. We advised the client to purchase a decent hosting account in the UK, along with using optimised images throughout the web design, the website speed was improved massively and started taking bookings immediately after launching, which was nice to see!

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