Looking for a Freelancer?

If you are looking to hire a Freelancer, or need a Freelance Designer to help with a specific design project, it can be a challenge to select the best option. Every company will benefit from having an in-house design and marketing department, but a Freelancer can allow a company to pick and choose when they really require these services, rather than having a full-time team on the books.

What should you look for?

Of course, every single designer out there will tell you how brilliant they are! And there are websites like Fiverr that connects companies with the best rated freelance designers for the specific job in hand. But you will often find that each designer specialises in a certain field, perhaps being highly skilled at print design, but not too hot with digital marketing. So you really need to know exactly what you require before making your choice.




Web Design

Professional website design & management at affordable prices. From small, simple websites to large, dynamic CMS systems.



Logo Design

Creative branding, identity development & logo design. Supplying artwork for digital, print, product packaging & labels.




Creating Marketing & Advertising for companies in Swansea, South Wales & all over the UK, both Digital & Print projects.



Print Design

I produce print artwork for many different companies, from small scale flyers to large format exhibition displays & banners.




Experience is everything

Again, it is sometimes difficult to really know what is genuine. I have worked with lots of companies that – on the face of it – have a highly impressive portfolio, yet you eventually find that the projects are completely fabricated or copied from other websites. You often have to do a little detective work when choosing a freelancer, by going that one step further – if they claim to have created this website, go to that website and see if it has a credit to them – or even if it’s an active website.

Obviously read their reviews, but try to find the reviews that are verified like Google, Trustpilot or Facebook. If their reviews are only found on their own website, of course these can be completely fabricated.


My Freelancer Services

If you’ve read this far, then allow me to introduce my Freelancer services! I have been providing design & marketing services to a range of companies for over 10 years. Prior to this I gained real-world industry experience in all forms of print design, e-commerce website management, website development and various aspects of marketing.

It is this wealth of experience over a long period of time which allows me to arrive at solutions quickly, and provide professional material for all forms of digital & print advertising. From managing the marketing budgets for various companies, I have fine-tuned my knowledge to ensure the budgets are spent wisely, and effectively.

One of my other ventures is Clinical Marketing which focuses on clients within the aesthetics and beauty industries. This requires a fair amount of copywriting to ensure each client achieves a good position on search engines. It also involves a flexibility in style techniques, to adapt my style to each clients particular taste.


My Design Philosophy

For me, design is about finding a solution. But providing that solution in the most professional, technically sound fashion. As with all types of design, I believe that simplicity is what a designer should try to achieve. For example, if I am asked to design a logo – I try to make the logo as simple as possible, so it works for all forms of digital & print marketing, for small & large format.

Of course, if the specific project requires an elaborate design style, I can adapt my skills to produce whatever the client wants. But for each project I will advise the client on what will work best across all forms of digital and print marketing material.



Freelancer Design Projects…


Using AI to your advantage

Without wanting to get into the ethical debates about Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is happening, so the best thing any business can do is try to figure out how to use it to their advantage. How can you utilise AI to benefit your business? How can you use...

Premier Roofing Web Design

A simple, small business web design for a roofing and building company in Edinburgh. They approached me to create a website to advertise their company, providing me links to their listings and reviews on platforms like MyBuilder, RatedPeople and CheckATrade...

SmartXEL Logo & Brochure Design

SmartXEL is a skin rejuvenation machine that uses CO2 gas combined with IPL laser treatments. They needed a brochure & logo design to promote the machine and it’s variety of treatments. A full range of marketing material will be launched to coincide...

Smart Lettings Logo & Web Design

New business logo & web design for a local letting solutions service provider. They approached me to design their logo and website, initially with a few ideas of the styling and website layout. We worked together to create a nice, clean, modern logo...

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