Laser Lounge Clinic Web Design

Mobile friendly / responsive web design for Laser Lounge UK, a clinic based in Rochdale. They wanted the web design to be very minimalistic, with a clean, modern style. It was important to test the website on multiple devices to ensure it worked on various mobile phones & tablets. The minimalist style also helps to keep the page loading times as low as possible, which improves SEO & User Interaction.

For many of our web design projects, we try to keep each website as light as possible. We look at what functions can be removed, rather than adding lots of bells & whistles. Page speed is becoming the major factor in actually keeping visitors on your website, and is also becoming more & more important for SEO.

The main goal was to achieve a high position on search engines for ‘laser hair removal’ as they had just invested in a new laser platform and required regular patients to start monetising it as quickly as possible. It was also important to make it very easy for customers to book a consultation, making the navigation as obvious as possible.

We provide several websites like this every month, each needs to be personalised to target the SEO traffic in their location. If there is a lot of competition in their area, we offer to create a reviews function & blog, which is often enough to boost their rankings above their competition.

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