Welsh Brew Tea Social Media

After building the e-commerce website for Welsh Brew Tea, they asked us to manage their social media content, as we already had a good grasp of the brand identity, business style, their products & their business philosophy.

They wanted to step up their social media updates, making it more reactive & polished. They needed to synchronise the release of a blog post / news article with all social media updates, so everything is on the same page. They also needed to create regular posts that included a nicely designed graphic or photo, but always keeping the business philosophy in mind.

We first focused on the blog / news feed on their website. The overall goal for business social media is to sell products, and to direct people back to the website. So we started to create a few in-depth articles about the Welsh Brew Tea philosophy – and talking about the genuine intentions of the business – such as, selling plastic free tea bags – and supporting bee keeping & conservation.

At the same time, we didn’t want it to be too political, as this can often deter people from engaging with an article on social media. So it is a fine balance between being fun, visually inviting, informative & reactive.

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