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We manage the web design & digital marketing for Welsh Brew Tea, based in Swansea, South Wales. After building & managing their e-commerce website, they asked us to manage their social media content, as we already had a good grasp of the brand identity, business style, their products & business philosophy.

They wanted to step up their social media updates, making it more reactive & polished. They needed to synchronise the release of a blog post / news article with all social media updates, so everything was on the same page. They also needed to create regular posts that included a nicely designed graphic or photo, but always keeping the business philosophy in mind.

We first focused on the blog / news feed on their website, creating a few in-depth articles about the Welsh Brew Tea philosophy. We tried to create a range of different articles related to Tea, some that are fun, some with a more serious message.


To generate a bit of exposure, we ran a Facebook competition for Christmas 2019. Each day people could win a Tea Caddy, by commenting & sharing the posts. The concept was like an advent calendar, using a different image each day, asking people to name their Number 1 Elf. This campaign created a lot of comments, likes & shares every single day.

We also manage the Twitter & Instagram accounts, posting relevant images & links every now & again. It’s interesting to see the different audiences & how they react to different images & posts.

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