Horse Charity Web Design

Communities For Horses is a well established charity for horse welfare based in Swansea. They approached me as they needed a modernisation of their web design, making it more interactive, easier to navigate and mobile friendly. They also required a multilingual solution for the Welsh language web design.



The Web Design

I created a selection of web design examples on my own server, to give them an idea of the different styles and layouts that may work well for the new website. They initially asked for a video to be shown on the home page “hero” section, but opted with a moving slideshow instead after seeing how it could work, as it provided the movement that they wanted to see.

As with all of my web design projects, I made sure that it was tested on all browsers and devices. I created a number of graphical buttons to provide a consistent feel for the navigation, and big obvious buttons to promote the important aspects, such as making a donation.


Multilingual Web Design

As they are a charity in Wales, they were also required to provide a Welsh language version of the website, but were unsure of the best way to do this. I used the WordPress Multisite option when setting up the website, so they could easily create a complete copy of the main website, and simply translate the text into Welsh.

Of course there are various WordPress plug-ins and automatic solutions for multilingual websites, but I have found most of these to be quite inaccurate, especially when it comes to the Welsh language. In some cases these solutions would be OK, but when it is important to get the text content precise, there is no substitution for a professional translator.


Website Management

The website was built using WordPress, so the staff are able to log-in and add content to the website in the future, adding articles to the blog for example. This involved giving the team a crash course on WordPress management. But as with all of my customers, I am always on hand in the future for any advice or quick fixes!


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